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Famed Sleuth In Honeymoon Cruise Case

Dr. Henry Lee, who became a household name during the O.J. Simpson trial, is now involved in another high-profile case: the mystery of a man who vanished from a honeymoon cruise last July.

Kara Sundlun of CBS affiliate WFSB in Hartford, Conn., reported on The Early Show that the world-famous forensic scientist boarded the cruise ship with an entourage of crime-scene investigators and lawyers for the family of George Smith.

Lee wasted no time in getting to work on the balcony of the Smiths' cabin.

"I really feel their pain," he said. "Six months now, George Smith disappeared."

Lee says he hopes to find some answers for the family and, after taking measurements and collecting evidence for three experiments, says he made progress.

"I did find something," he said, although he would not say what it was.

According to Sundlun, Lee has an agreement with cruise ship attorneys to keep quiet about what he discovered. But CBS learned that the evidence was discovered on a canopy beneath the Smiths' cabin, where passengers had found blood.

Smith and his wife, Jennifer, were halfway into their honeymoon cruise through the Mediterranean in early July when he vanished aboard the Royal Caribbean ship off the coast of Turkey.

His family believes the cruise ship is trying to cover up a murder, which the owner, Royal Caribbean, denies.

"I think anybody who studies the facts of this case will realize that that's absolutely the last thing that we attempted to do," said Royal Caribbean captain Bill Wright.

The family members who hired Lee hope he'll be able to find out what really happened. But six months later, because so much of the crime scene has washed away, Sundlun says solving this mystery could be a long shot.

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