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Feinstein And Bennett Don't Want DC Bars Open Til 5a.m.

Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Bob Bennett today urged DC Mayor Adrian Fenty and Council Chairman Vincent Gray to reverse the emergency legislation passed last week that will allow Washington bars and restaurants to sell alcohol until 5a.m. during inauguration week. 

In a letter to Fenty and Gray, the senators said they are "deeply concerned" that the plan to sell alcohol until the wee hours would "strain law enforcement resources that need to be focused on the large crowds and security requirements of the inaugural and its impact on the city."

"There is great cause for celebration at this historic event," the senators wrote. "But we believe that the benefits of this emergency legislation, passed with little public notice, are far outweighed by its possible consequences."

 "We understand the pressures you face from the different constituencies in your city," the senators added. "But we also know the importance of standing firm to ensure the safety of residents, workers and visitors who will be in Washington, D.C. participating in this historic event."

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