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Find 'Hidden' Job Postings at LinkUp

Now that the Financialpocalypse is upon us, you're probably spending more time at Monster and other mainstream job search sites. They're great, but not all job postings make it onto the big sites. For those jobs that fall between the cracks, check out LinkUp, a job search site that pulls positions directly from corporate Web sites.

LinkUp is not a career site. There's no account setup, you can't post your resume, and there are no social networks, recommendations, or referrals. Instead, it's a job search engine, plain and simple. LinkUp pulls positions directly from employer Web sites, and the site claims to be both accurate and up-to-date. You can search by category, title, or keyword, and specify the city in which you're searching for work.

Search results take you directly to the employer's Web site, where you can act on the lead, with no middlemen or brokering. And there's no worries that this is a great idea with no actual jobs under the covers. LinkUp features 400,000 jobs from 19,000 companies. If you ask me, this is what all job searches should be like. [via AppScout]

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