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Find the Best Gas Price with BillShrink

Gas prices have edged back from the brink of world-ending financial chaos, but even so, you'd have to be Mayor McMillionaire not to want to save as much scratch as possible on each fill-up. There are no shortage of Web sites that offer to find you cheap gas, and even iPhone apps aplenty, like Gas Buddy and Cheap Gas.

Now, though, Billshrink has added a cheap gas locator.

Just enter your start and end locations -- such as home and work -- along with your car's make, model, and year. Billshrink spits out an awesome map with suggested gas stations, their price, and details like whether they take credits cards and if you can pay at the pump. My favorite feature: It points out the gas price for the grade of gas your car requires and the estimated total price for a fill up.

This isn't the first time we've reported on BillShrink; you might recall that we told you how to use the site to find a better cellphone plan. The slick and detailed gas locator is one more reason to keep this site bookmarked.

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