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Five Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

budget.jpgFor a small business, effective marketing can mean the difference between a healthy bottom line and an unwelcome visit from the bank. Marketing guru Calvin Harvey lists five "deadly" small-business marketing mistakes you'll definitely want to avoid. For example, confusing talent with business savvy:

Too many small business owners and entrepreneurs feel that having talent is sufficient to attain success. They feel that if they are good at what they do, word-of-mouth advertising will supply a constant stream of customers. However, without business savvy in the form of a marketing system, the stream will never materialize. You must wrap a marketing program around it to encourage or solicit additional referrals.
This is all high-level advice, but it's interesting reading for anyone who's thinking about starting a small business or struggling in an existing one. If you want some proactive marketing tips, check out Harvey's other post, Internet Marketing for Dummies. And if you've got some marketing advice of your own to share, you know where: the Comments!
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