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Five Productivity-Boosting Windows Sidebar Gadgets

Following Dave's post about Amnesty Generator, the tool that lets you add any gadget to the Windows Sidebar, I thought I'd round up some gadgets that can help boost your productivity. Here's a list of five favorites:

  • Control System with Clock Lock, power down, restart, hibernate your PC, or put it in standby mode, all with the click of an icon. And as you may have guessed, there's a clock, too.
  • Gmail Reader Forget switching to your browser whenever you want to check Gmail for new messages. Gmail Checker pings when mail arrives and shows a summary of each message when you mouse over it. Click any e-mail to launch it in a browser window.
  • margu-notebookInfo2 A must-have for notebook users, this gadget shows CPU clock speed, Wi-Fi connection status/strength, a battery meter, and more.
  • MultiSearchIt Search Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, or any of a dozen-plus sources -- and see the results in a little fly-out window, without having to dip into your browser.
  • SuperClipBoard This handy gadget displays your last six clipboard entries. Mouse over any of them to see the contents, then click the Copy icon if you want to make it active again for pasting. Or click delete all to wipe the clipboard clean.
What Sidebar gadgets rock your world, productivity-wise? Hit the Comments and share your faves.
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