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Flash mob caught on tape stole $3K in designer jeans, store owner says

(CBS) CHICAGO - Surveillance video caught a mob of more than 20 teenagers entering a trendy Chicago neighborhood shop over the weekend and making off with more than $3,000 worth of designer jeans, CBS Chicago reports. The owner, Luke Cho, posted the video on YouTube in anticipation of catching the suspects.

Cho told CBS Chicago that he hopes the video will help police find the robbers, or maybe even shame the parents of the teens enough that they will turn the kids in.

As soon as the teenagers started flooding through Mildblend Supply Co. at Wicker Park on Saturday evening, Cho said he knew something wasn't right. Looking like they were part of flash mob about to rob the store, Cho immediately locked the door.

"At least I think I kind of maybe stopped the flow a little bit, but I quickly realized something bad was about to happen and I alerted my staff to call 911," Cho said.

Most of the group flocked to a corner of the store where they appeared to find what they were looking for - an exclusive brand of designer jeans called Nudie Jeans, which averaged about $200 a pair. Cho said his store happened to be one of the few that sells the jeans in the city.

The alleged robbers stuffed their backpacks with the merchandise as more teens tried to enter the store.

"At the time when I locked the door, they're banging on the door," Cho said.

Eventually, the teens figured out how to unlock the door themselves, and rushed into the streets, which were packed with crowds from the Wicker Park Fest. Cho said police told them that their arrival was delayed due to the many street closures for the festival.

Police said they're investigating the robbery, but have made no arrests as of Sunday afternoon.

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