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Flutie Named Bills' Starter

Doug Flutie has the job --- he is the starting quarterback of the Buffalo Bills.

"I know the question; the answer is Doug Flutie," Bills coach Wade Phillips said Wednesday.

He added that injured Rob Johnson is now the No. 2 quarterback.

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"Rob will be working his way back as the backup, and that's where we are," Phillips said.

Phillips said Flutie's performance coupled with Johnson's absence made the decision easy.

The Bills appointed Johnson the starter last winter even before he signed a $25 million, 5-year contract. Flutie earns around $250,000 a year, the NFL minimum.

Flutie, the top-rated passer in the AFC and second in the league to Minnesota's Randall Cunningham, has played since Johnson was injured against the Colts on Oct. 11. The Bills have won five games in a row, including a 26-21 victory over the 49ers engineered by Johnson on Oct. 4.

Phillips said he explained the situation to both quarterbacks and Johnson was handling it well.

Doug Flutie
Doug Flutie has been named the Bills' full-time starter. (AP)

"He has showed a lot of maturity that I wasn't sure he had," Phillips said.

Flutie, wo led a fourth-quarter comeback against Miami last week, faces the New York Jets on Sunday.

"He's playing extremely well," Jets coach Bill Parcells said. "He certainly has a very good track record over the years, and he's very unique. He's creative and I think he appears to have a very good mind for the game."

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