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Fly The Friendly Skies

(AP Photo / Airbus, Flixion)
You know, it doesn't seem to have done a bit of good that we're all complaining about lousy airline service, terrible on-time performance and dreadful air travel experiences. I suggest we try a new tack: Positive reinforcement. We'll share our stories of those rare times when air travel goes smoothly and is a pleasure, and like good children and dogs, maybe the airline industry will respond by wagging their tails and displaying good manners and will try to continue to win our praise instead of incurring our wrath.

I'll go first. Last week I had to fly home from Vancouver in British Columbia to Seattle. Even though it was only a half-hour flight, I seriously considered taking the four-and-a-half hour train just to avoid the many things that can go wrong with air travel. But I gritted my teeth and packed all of my toiletries away and removed all liquids and sharp objects from my immediate vicinity and got ready to fly.

Well, it went beautifully. It was like a retro flight that you might recall from ten years ago. There was nobody waiting in line at the Horizon Airlines desk at the terminal, and it took me four minutes to check in. They hadn't lost my reservation, and the woman at the desk didn't look like she would pull her hair out if she saw one more irate passenger, because in fact, there were no irate passengers. I breezed through security in less than ten minutes, and didn't even have to take off my belt or strip to my dogs-playing-poker underwear.

Then the flight was on time and wasn't packed, for a change, and the flight attendant actually let me move to my own row of unoccupied seats. It was a gorgeous day and we flew over sparkling Puget Sound islands and had a great view of the Seattle skyline before approaching the airport from the south for a safe, uneventful landing. My bag was delivered ten minutes later, the bus from the airport to town was on time, and I had correct change.

What a stellar travel experience! Nice job, everyone! Now come on, can you find anything nice to say about your last air-travel experience? Try. Try hard.

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