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Follow Business Hacks Comments in Your Feed Reader!

comments-rss.jpgYou already subscribe to the Business Hacks RSS feed, right? Right? Well, now you can subscribe to Comments as well. No more having to return to each and every post to see if someone replied to your comment or added something to the discussion -- now you can see all new comments under one roof.

To add the Business Hacks Comments feed to your RSS reader (such as Google Reader), look for the Comments RSS link in the Subscribe box in the right-hand column, just below the Blogger Profiles box. Or, um, just click here.

This is a really handy addition to Business Hacks, something I hope everyone will try out. Meanwhile, please hit the Comments (natch) and let us know what you think of the new feature. Greatest thing since sliced bread? What the heck took us so long? What's an RSS feed? It's all good.

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