The 10 most exciting new restaurants in the U.S. right now

Food & Wine reveals best new restaurants of 2... 05:03

Looking for a new restaurant that not only features amazing food, beautiful ambiance, and exciting talent, but also is having a positive impact on its community? Food & Wine magazine has some suggestions.

The publication is revealing its list of 2016 Restaurants of the Year, curating the 10 best new places to eat in America. All the picks have opened since January 2015.

The restaurants range from an inexpensive California eatery called Locol, with a new approach to fast food, to The Dabney, a Washington, D.C., spot that sources all of its ingredients from the mid-Atlantic region.

Locol, which has locations in Los Angeles and Oakland, was started by chefs Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson, both of whom have been honored as Food & Wine's Best New Chefs in the past. The duo hope to revolutionize the fast food industry by offering healthy food -- no sodas or french fries -- in areas that need it most.

"They're going to be opening up in other areas that are basically food wastelands, so the idea of serving under-served communities with food that's both healthy and affordable. No dishes are over $6," Food & Wine editor Nilou Motamed said Wednesday on "CBS This Morning."

"There's another restaurant called Cala in San Francisco, where the chef is not only creating amazing, amazing food -- you can go there for the Mexican food, but you also go there and don't even realize that she is hiring nonviolent felons to work in her kitchen because she saw that there was a need there and she's addressing it," Motamed added.

Here is the magazine's list of 2016 Restaurants of the Year:

Brewer's Table at Surly Brewing, Minneapolis

Cala, San Francisco

Death & Taxes, Raleigh, North Carolina

High Street on Hudson, New York City

Launderette, Austin

Locol, Los Angeles

Monteverde Restaurant & Pastificio, Chicago

Shaya, New Orleans

The Dabney, Washington, D.C.

Townsman, Boston

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