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Write To Charley Hince

When "Step By Step" was first broadcast last year, 48 Hours was swamped with calls and letters from viewers interested in helping Charley Hince. Below are some resources for those who are interested in getting in touch with Charley, or learning more about spinal cord injury.

If you want to write Charley, to offer support or ask for advice, his address is:
Charley Hince
PO BOX 161
Milford MA 01757

If you want to email him, his address is:

For more information about spinal cord injury, call the National Spinal Cord Injury Association, at:
1-800-962 9629
Or check out their web site.

For more information on the hydrocycle, check out their web page.

Or give them a call, at: 610-459-1031

The American Paralysis Association also has an excellent web site, which also offers information about the Christopher Reeve Foundation.

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