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Free business cards from your Facebook Timeline

(MoneyWatch) COMMENTARY Business cards aren't dead, they're just evolving. Online business card publisher Moo has a clever idea: Creating business cards based on your Facebook Timeline. And to promote the concept, for a limited time they're offering business cards for free (all you pay is shipping).

Moo is offering business cards for both individuals and businesses. In both cases, you simply log into Facebook and give Moo permission to access your profile. It extracts your profile photo and Timeline image, along with basic contact information, and creates a two-sided card for you to review and edit. The design is smart and elegant, and I found I just needed to make some minor tweaks to create a card I was happy with.

The cards are printed in batches of 50, and you can customize each batch with different photos and text. It's not clear how long the free offer will last (Moo isn't saying), so if this interests you you might want to get on board soon.

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