From the archives: Bloomingdale's in 1976!

In 1976, Morley Safer turned his eye on Saturdays at "Bloomie's." It was THE thing to do on Manhattan weekends in the 70s

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In honor of spring, we dove into the 60 Minutes archives and came up with this treasure: In 1976, Morley Safer paid a Saturday visit to the famed New York City department store Bloomingdale's. Regulars called it "Bloomie's," and on any given Saturday, 60,000 people flocked to be a part of the scene. It was evidently THE thing to do on a Manhattan weekend, so much that Bloomingdale's merchandised the idea in a special department called Saturday's Generation.

As you'll see in this Rewind for 60 Minutes Overtime, you don't have to be young to be part of Saturday's Generation. A good part of the Saturday crowd came just to have the demonstration make-up applied for a possibly "heavy" date later on. If not, you could fantasize Mister Right was right there in the store, and who knows-- maybe you'd meet him before closing time.