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Gargantuan ice cube heading into north Atlantic

It's an awe-inspiring site: A 12-mile-wide ice floe broke apart from the Petermann Glacier off Greenland 11 months ago and now it's heading heading into the north Atlantic. This ice island, as wide as the nation island of Grenada, was photographed recently by NASA's 's Aqua satellite. It is estimated to weigh between 3.5 and 4 billion tons.

Still unclear is whether this gargantuan cube of ice will present a danger to offshore oil rips to to sea shipping lanes off Newfoundland. In the meantime, it's very much the tourist curiosity. The above video was taken by fisherman when the ice floe was still close to the coast of Labrador. You can track its journey through a page that receive regular updates from a beacon left on the floe by Environment Canada.

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