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Garth Brooks: Home For Holiday

Garth Brooks says he wants to be remembered for his music and not for how many records he sells. He doesn't even remember how many awards he has won. But the fact remains that the country music star generates some pretty impressive numbers.

He's the biggest-selling solo artist in American music history, reports CBS This Morning Co-Anchor Mark McEwen, having sold 82 million albums during his career. Now he has released Garth Brooks Double Live just in time for the holiday season. As one might guess from its title, the new release is a two-disc set that features 25 songs culled from Brooks concerts in 99 cities over seven years.

Only a week before Thanksgiving, Brooks ended a tour that lasted nearly three years and took him all over the map. And he has a bit of advice for those who plan to fly anywhere over the holiday season.

"Dress comfortably, that's the main thing." He feels sorry for men who have to travel in three-piece suits. And he never wears his trademark cowboy hat on a plane, says Brooks. "I just usually bring a ball cap, put it down over my eyes to go to sleep by. I'm pretty easy," he told McEwen and CBS This Morning Contributor Martha Stewart, who is serving as the morning program's guest co-anchor during Thanksgiving week.

He stays in his seat, he says, to avoid causing any commotion that might distract the pilots, and he drinks red wine, a revelation that prompted Stewart to mildly chide him. "You never drink alcoholic beverages on the plane, do you? That's the worst thing you can do! It's so dehydrating." Brooks' gentle rejoinder: "When you're flying five hours, going from New York to L.AÂ…it's hard not to go down that path."

Brooks was interviewed just before he headed home for a family Thanksgiving. (McEwen asked him, "Are you going to be making some pies?" Brooks replied: "I'm going to be eating some pies!") But, he'll be back in New York in early December to participate in the lighting of the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center.

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