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Get 100GB free cloud backup for your business

(MoneyWatch) If you operate a small business, data backup is, quite honestly, one of the last things you worry about. And even if you have some sort of backup solution in place -- a local hard drive or network storage solution, for example -- that's not going to protect you from a local catastrophe, like fire or theft. If you're looking for a cloud-based backup solution, here's new one, available for free.

EVault is offering a massive 100GB of cloud-based backup for free. Haven't heard of EVault? It's not a flash-in-the-pan startup; the company is owned by storage giant Seagate.

Here's how it works: EVault delivers 10GB per user for up to 10 users (including the administrator). To take advantage of the offer, just complete the online form and you'll be contacted by EVault, with instructions for deploying the backup software to each participating PC.

Note that this isn't general-purpose cloud storage, like Dropbox or SkyDrive; it's a dedicated business-class backup solution featuring 256-bit encryption. Once you're up and running, users can search for remotely backed up files, restore old versions, and share files with other users. It's an impressive offering, especially considering it's free. Want more information? Check out all the details at EVault's site.

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