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Get a Better RSS Reader--

Or if you don't use one yet, get one now. Really Simple Syndication is a really simple way to manage the articles, blog posts, and web searches that you want to keep up with--without actually having to take the time to go to each site. Web-based Bloglines has treated me very well, as my crotchety Dell didn't like it when I tried to use a downloaded app to manage my feeds. (Plus, Bloglines has a mobile version that makes my train rides much more interesting.)

But I know plenty of folks who like to be able to browse their feeds offline, which means Bloglines ain't for them. Plus, several dozen new readers have shown up recently, some of which have cool features--like modifiable notifiers and Outlook capabilities--that Bloglines lacks. So try out a few--Mashable has a great round up of what's available--and pick one that works for you.

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