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Get a Cheap(er) Unlocked Phone

razr.jpgAs I may have mentioned before, I'm a pretty big fan of unlocked cellphones. They allow you to do two things that the major carriers would prefer you to not be able to do: take your phone with you when you switch carriers and switch in a new SIM card when you travel out of the country.

Of course, most unlocked cellphones are pretty expensive, as they've got no big service provider subsidizing the often outrageous costs of handsets. (Right now, for example, I own a Motorola Q that Sprint gave to me for under $100—in exchange for my firstborn.) So it was great to see that you can now get an unlocked Motorola V3 RAZR (that comes with all the frequencies you would need when traveling) for only $115 from TigerDirect (via DealHack, or, for a little more, at Amazon).

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