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Get a Cupholder for Your Aisle Seat

cuppilot.jpgHere's another cool gizmo to throw in your go bag—a collapsible, secure cup holder that hangs from the tray table clasp of your plane or train seat (plus lots of other places, like the back shield of a taxi). Instead of worrying whether your coffee is going to spill and fry your laptop at the slightest bit of provocation (be it turbulence or reckless reclining), you can type away knowing that your beverage is safe, enclosed in a weird-looking yet functional array of mesh and plastic.

As Andrea Sachs notes in her review of the product in the Washington Post, the Cup Pilot may seem like overkill, especially for $20. But it only takes one bad experience to realize that it's worth it.

(Thanks, Book of Joe)

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