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Get a Free BumpTop Pro License from Business Hacks!

Ever wish your Windows desktop looked and operated more like your actual desktop? In other words, do you like to pin notes and photos to the walls and organize documents into stacks? (Or, if you're like Dave, line up Troll dolls and hang HSM posters?)

That's the idea behind BumpTop, a 3D desktop designed to bring a real-world approach to your computing life. Here's a video that shows this slick tool in action -- and a link where you can score the $29 BumpTop Pro version absolutely free!

As you can see, BumpTop is mighty slick. It offers some great conventions for organizing documents (with "piles" taking the place of folders) and adds ever-popular sticky-notes to your desktop. I particularly like the e-mail icon: Just "toss" a document on it to create a new message with the document attached. (As shown in the video, you can upload photos to Facebook with similar ease.)

BumpTop involves a bit of adjustment to the way you're accustomed to working, and there's definitely a learning curve (though I found the tool admirably easy to master). You'll have to decide if the benefits are worth the effort.

The free version of BumpTop lets you take most of the features for a test drive, but BumpTop Pro adds such amenities as flipping through piles, non-watermarked thumbnails, and unlimited sticky notes.

Normally the latter costs $29, but the first 200 Business Hacks users to use this special link can get BumpTop Pro free of charge. (Our thanks to Bump Technologies for the generous offer.)

After you've tried the program, hit the Talkback and let us know if you're loving la vida 3D. Or maybe you prefer a tool like Fences, which simply organizes your desktop icons.

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