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Get a Free Copy of Acronis True Image

discwizard.jpgSeagate DiscWizard is an OEM version of Acronis True Image, the popular hard-drive cloning/backup utility. However, while the latter will set you back $50, DiscWizard is available from Seagate's support site--free of charge. The program lets you clone an entire hard drive, create a backup image, and build boot media you can use in the event your system becomes unbootable. (Note that it's And, no, it's not limited to working with Seagate and Maxtor hard drives.) This would be a great whole-system backup companion to the three Web-based data-backup services I wrote about yesterday. (I'm a big believer in multi-tiered backups.) Grab DiscWizard while you can; Seagate might figure out they don't want to give it away gratis.

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