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Get Better PC Performance with Startup Delayer

You might have seen the recent Guy Vs. Guy in which Rick insanely contended you should turn off your computer every night. If you bought into the madness, you can get to work faster using a clever little utility called Startup Delayer.

Here's the problem: You probably have a bunch of programs you commonly use in the Startup folder so you don't need to run them by hand every single day. And there are additional programs that start in the background you might not even know about. But if they all kick in simultaneously, they compete with each other and additional background tasks Windows is still running to finish up the startup process. The end result is that your computer runs like molasses for the first 15 minutes every day.

Instead, try the free Startup Delayer. You can use this program to easily schedule the startup of various programs, effectively staggering them for a more efficient boot-up.

The program displays a list of all the programs that start automatically, and you can easily set the delay for each one. Do you really need RoboForm and iTunesHelper competing for disk access with Outlook? Of course not. Add a short delay and you'll see much better computer efficiency.

Rick told you about this cool little utility some time ago, but the latest version shows a graphical chart of when each startup program runs, so you can see how they are spaced out or overlap. Awesome.

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