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Someday, all software will be free -- at least, that's the somewhat improbable mantra of freewaregenius, a site that continuously serves up information about all manner of free software.

Freewaregenius reviews and links to business software, productivity apps, games, utilities... you name it. You won't find crippled software or trialware here -- it's all fully functional -- and the site does a pretty good job of weeding out the wheat from the chaff. I've downloaded stuff here on several occasional, and I'm yet to encounter a real dud.

Is your thirst for free stuff simply insatiable on this lazy Friday afternoon? Then don't forget about Giveaway of the Day, a site Rick wrote about some time ago. Here, you'll find a different commercial app each day, offered for free for one day only. It's like woot, only everything is free.

Still not satisfied? Well, if you're an Open Source fanatic, also check out these other sites that can quench your free software thirst:

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