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Get Google Analytics on Your Desktop

If you use Google Analytics to tracks Web site traffic, you already know how awesome it is. Unfortunately, all that traffic data is tucked away in your Web browser. Now though, Polaris puts Google Analytics in a persistent window on your desktop.

Polaris gives you the same information you'd otherwise get from the Google Analytics Web site, but delivers it in a small, gadget-sized window you can leave open on your desktop. The presentation is gorgeous -- even nicer than what you get on the actual Web page -- and includes charts, graphs, heat maps, and data, sweet, sweet data. And I think that Polaris is actually a little smarter than Google, in that it automatically shows your top content by title instead of some inscrutable URL. The program window isn't resizable, though, so you have to do a lot of scrolling to see all your information.

Polaris is built on Adobe AIR, so you'll need to install that first if you haven't already got it. The standard version of Polaris is free and tracks a single site; if you manage a portfolio of Web sites, you can upgrade to the full version for $15/year. [via RefreshingApps]

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