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Get Group Consensus on Meeting Dates With Which Date Works

Suppose you're planning a meeting for a few folks from your own team and perhaps some clients. How do you find a date that's suitable for everyone? I just might have the answer -- as its name suggests, Which Date Works is a free Web service that lets you find the best time for a group of people to meet.

Of course, if everyone you need to invite is using Exchange Server, you can simply assess their availability in Outlook. But for a mixed invite list that includes clients and external partners, Outlook is probably not an option. Which Date Works, on the other hand, lets you sync with anyone. Just create a meeting and specify which days you work best for you in a standard calendar view. When you send the meeting request to all the invitees, they'll also have the ability to mark their preferred days with a "yes," "no,", and "maybe." In the end, you can scan the calendar and find the date that works best overall.

Which Date Works is obviously not the only Web meeting organizer out there, but it has a great interface for deconflicting busy schedules. And it's a far more professional tool than any of the many party planning sites out there. It's definitely going in my own bag of tricks.

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