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Get In Touch with a Human at Contact Help

Have a problem that can only be solved by talking to a person at OmniGigantaCorp? Good luck, dude -- these days, most corporations deliberately make it hard to find a live human being, since person-to-person customer service is so very expensive. So instead of endlessly browsing the corporate Web page in search of contact information or praying that the 0 button will jump you out of the automated phone tree, visit Contact Help for fast and accurate information about contacting customer service.

Contact Help packs a large database of companies and all sorts of information about getting in touch with support staff. Each company listing includes a phone number and tips on how to reach a live person, hours of operation, email contacts, user ratings, and even company news.

All of this data is user generated, so new entries arrive frequently -- but since it's vetted by the community at large, your mileage may vary. I checked out a few entries that I've become intimately familiar with like Dell, Comcast, and Sony, and found the information accurate. And having it all in one place is obviously pretty awesome. [via Lifehacker]

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