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Get Out And Vote!

The first thing to say is: If you're eligible to vote and have not yet, do. Take whatever time and trouble required. You cannot say you love your country and in good conscience not do it. No excuses, please.

Second, a reminder: CBS News over the years has had the most accurate reporting of election results in the business. CBS has its own, in-house exit-polling evaluation operation. Once most of the polls close in any state, CBS has information to broadcast.

CBS does indeed call races. But, only after we are absolutely confident that we can call it right. In more than one-third of a century, CBS News has called about 12,000 races. We have been wrong about nine times. This is, by far, the best record in the business.

So, and this is the point: CBS calls races as fast as anybody, faster, usually, than anyone else. But what we are proudest of is our record for accuracy. Tonight, no matter what anybody else is reporting if CBS News has not called a race, it isn't over. If CBS does call it one way, you can take that to the bank.

Now, number three: returns to watch for indications of how the night may go: the Senate races in Kentucky, New York and North Carolina. If Democrats take all three of those races, President Clinton will celebrate. If Democrats carry two of the three, the President will be pleased.

Kentucky, New York and North Carolina, the early races to watch.

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