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Get Your Work Questions Answered

askmefi.jpgWhat happens when you have a work question that either a) you're embarrassed to ask because it might make you look bad, or b) no one around you knows the answer to? You could simply do a google search, but useful results for complicated queries are often washed out.

Not to drop annoying buzzwords, but you should "tap into the hive mind," or "crowdsource" for answers. There are a bunch of sites out there for you to ask your questions into cyberspace (Yahoo! Answers, Fluther, etc.), but the one that I think works the best for office workers is Ask Metafilter.

Want to know if you can cheaply keep your US phone number even if your company is putting you overseas for a while? A bunch of MeFiers have suggestions. What do you do if you work remotely and you're randomly being locked out of your company's Virtual Private Network? Most folks on MeFi suggest you get help immediately. Sure, AskMeFi has its fair share of silliness: Why does my dishwasher fill up my sink?, etc. But if you're in a pinch, there are some smart folks there who can help.

And of course, if you have a business ethics question, send it on over to our brother blog, Where's the Line?

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