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Getting Most Bang For Weak Buck Abroad

With the value of the dollar suffering, traveling abroad affordably can be a challenge.

But Tavel + Leisure magazine put together a list of ten destinations overseas where you can best stretch your dollars.

From Old World experiences in Eastern Europe to the plush hotels of Vietnam, and even ritzy accommodations in London (yes, London!), the magazine chooses the places offering the most for your dollars.

T + L Deputy Editor Laura Begley discussed several of them on The Early Show Friday.

"It is staggering out there these days," Begley told co-anchor Harry Smith. "The economy here is not so great, and our dollar is not going far abroad."

But "the good news is" there are still many places where it does, she added.

For the entire T + L list, and complete details on all the destinations, click here.

The magazine puts everything in perspective, comparing traveling in the U.S. to elsewhere, warning about the phenomenon of "double shock" on hotel costs abroad, and much more.

"Really," says T + L, " you can get even more out of your dollar these days -- even in Western Europe -- if you just plan your trip right. Ironically, doing that boils down to one golden rule: buy American.

That's right, American. Countless U.S.-based tour companies and cruise lines offer trips abroad but are headquartered here, and therefore let you prepay your trip in U.S. dollars. 'These companies negotiate rates well in advance and have locked in rates prior to the $1.50-to-1-euro current exchange,' says Neal Kramer, president of Minneapolis-based Carousel Travel.

The best overseas value these days, travel professionals agree, is in the still-booming cruise industry -- especially river cruising through Europe."

To see Begley's Early Show appearance,

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