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Getting Their Kicks In A Gym

Remember when boxing was a macho sport? Well, it isn't just a "guy thing" anymore, reports CBS This Morning Contributor Eleanor Mondale. But, for a kickboxing demonstration, she did recruit a male fitness instructor and actor Blair Underwood.

If you're sick of sit-ups and tired of jumping, kickboxing might be the full-body workout you're looking for, reports Mondale, but not if you have any neck, back, or leg problems.

Underwood recently took up kickboxing to relieve the boredom of working out. He and Mondale practiced roundhouse kicks with fitness instructor Brian Shiers.

"My biggest problem overall is weight, because I love junk food, fast food," says Underwood. "I live in fast-food restaurants."

Kickboxing is a popular pursuit among actors and supermodels, but gyms across the U.S. offer instruction. Stiers says kickboxing is not a violent sport.

"It's all about very aesthetic moves and combinations and a great workout," says the fitness instructor. "Most people are intimidated at first, but they fall in love with it."

As for Underwood, he says kickboxing helps him stay focused when his career blasts him into orbit. (Underwood played an astronaut in the movie Deep Impact.)

"If I can start the day with a good workout, kickboxing, acting crazy, get all those aggressions out, I'm ready," says Underwood. "I'm refreshed and ready to start the day."

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