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Gift Ideas: Home Gadgets

The holidays are just around the corner, and there are lots of items out there that will make great gifts.

Are you shopping for a do-it-yourselfer, or happy homemaker? Danny Lipford, host of "Today's Homeowner," has some new ideas for these people on your list on The Early Show.

Lipford says the perfect gift for any home enthusiast exists when innovation meets practicality -- making any job around the house easier. Lipford demonstrated eight products that range from the tiniest tools, to tools for tots, to the ultimate cordless power combo.

Pen tool, $14.95

Don't be fooled by the sleek design. Lipford says this pen tool can be useful because it's so small and contains many useful tools. It not only writes, it also cuts, tweezes, scrapes, files and does much more. Hidden tools include a hole punch, short cutting blade, wire stripper or small nail/staple remover, long cutting blade, Phillips head screwdriver, saw, stainless steel file, flathead screwdriver, scraper and stainless steel fork.

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Unbreakable Flashlight, $39.95

The sturdy, waterproof flashlight is an excellent, virtually indestructible gift. As it never needs batteries, it will not break when dropped or bumped and it even floats if dropped in the water.

When shaken for 30 seconds the flashlight will provide a bright, six-foot beam of light that lasts up to five minutes. It is ideal for the home, car, boat or camper. Lipford says two things will cause a flashlight not to work: dead batteries or a broken bulb. But a flashlight that doesn't need batteries and is almost indestructible is unparalleled.

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Eight-piece deluxe portable tool kit, $40

Lipford says the handy portable tool kit is an ideal gift for the first-time homeowner or someone with a boat or camper. Plus, he adds, the qualities of the tools are better than one would normally find in an assortment kit.

The convenient, easy-to-carry storage case contains a torpedo level, 16-ounce hammer, 10-inch adjustable wrench, 6-inch long nose pliers, 12-inch tape measure, 8-inch groove joint pliers, ratcheting screwdriver and a fastener kit box.

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Kid's Electronic Workbench, $49.99

For the handyman or handywoman in training, Lipford says a electronic workbench for children provides an opportunity to play with realistic, child-sized tools while improving hand-eye coordination, hand and finger strength and dexterity as well as learning the names of all the tools. The unit verbally identifies tools, reminds the child to wear safety goggles, and teaches them to put tools back in the correct area. Children can safely hammer nails and tighten bolts all the while engaging in imaginative play.

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Toolbox Vacuum from Eureka, $49.95

The handy combination of a toolbox and a vacuum/blower provides ample storage for plenty of tools and allows for easy cleanup after most projects. Lipford says its perfect for a shop, garage or hobby room.

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Bucket Boss (price varies)

The Bucket Boss line provides a variety of stacking trays to organize the inside of a bucket, as well as lids and seats for the outside. The innovative organizer that slides over the bucket provides large assortments of pockets that will store a shop's worth of tools and make organization a snap. Lipford says whether or not you are shopping for a hobbyist or a gardener or a mechanic, this system works for any one of them.

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The Works, $279

The cordless power-combo kit from The Works includes seven 18-volt power tools and two rechargeable battery packs along with an electronic measuring hand tool and a 41-piece blade/bit/file accessory set. The Works comes in a wheeled duffel bag that goes wherever the project is and includes a drill/driver, circular saw, jig saw, reciprocating saw, chain saw, wet/dry hand vacuum and a flashlight. Lipford says it is a gift that makes any task easy to complete.

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Robotic Vacuum, $290

Lipford says you may not think of a vacuum as a holiday present, but if it saves you time, it can be a great present. The vacuum has a function that keeps if from going down the stairs, and it does all the work without supervision. You can do other tasks around the house while it's working.

Not only does it operate all by itself, its compact design also allows it to venture under beds and reach other areas traditional vacuum cleaners cannot reach. It can clean floors and carpets and has a built in timer that allows you to set its run time based on the size of the room. Its rechargeable battery provides up to 90 minutes of cleaning power.

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