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Gingrich to Conservatives: "We Have to Decide we're Going to Replace the Left"

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich speaks at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics last month. Gingrich is considered a possible presidential candidate for 2012. AP Photo/Jim Cole, File

Former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich urged his fellow conservatives on Thursday to take steps to "replace the left" by January 2021.

Speaking in Dallas, Gingrich said that Republicans should think in terms of a ten-year plan, according to CNN. Emphasizing that planning for just the next two years won't be enough, his plan may or may not include Gingrich running in 2012.

Gingrich has been quoted saying that he, along with his wife Callista, will announce early next year if he will throw himself into the ring for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination.

The former speaker of the House said his goals are beyond just taking the White House for Republicans in 2012.

"If we truly want a wave of change that ends a majority system that has been around since 1932, the wave can't be the Oval Office," Gingrich said to the conservative crowd. "The only way the presidency matters is if there's a wave of citizens."

He went on to urge conservatives to continue their quest for a return to power at all levels.

"Rejection doesn't fix a center-left coalition," the former Republican congressman from Georgia said. "We have to decide we're going to replace the left."

Gingrich's speech also lambasted Democrats' economic policy in his speech, further fueling speculation that he may run against President Obama .

"The choice we want to offer in 2012 is very straight," Gingrich said, according to CNN. "If you think your children ought to have food stamps, you have a party you should vote for. And if you think your children ought to have a paycheck and own their own business, you have a party you ought to vote for."

Gingrich is currently on tour this week supporting his new book, "Valley Forge," a historical novel about George Washington. By the end of November, the book tour will have made stops in Florida, Ohio, Virginia and Iowa, all important states come election season.

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