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Give a Better Tech Gift This Holiday

With technology changing and evolving constantly, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest gizmos making their way onto store shelves this holiday season. So to make your search for the latest and hottest in high-tech this holiday season easier, "The Early Show on Saturday Morning" enlisted help from tech expert Katie Linendoll, CNET technology contributor, for the latest and greatest products you just might be looking for this year.

Special Section: Holiday Gift Guide


Kinect for Xbox 360, $149.99
299.99 with Xbox 360 bundle

One step closer to virtual reality in a home gaming console. By adding the Kinect peripheral to a 360, your entire body can be tracked with a camera sensor, incorporating every move into the gaming experience. Great for the whole family; get extreme with Kinect Adventures where you can go white water rafting with a friend, or jam out to Lady Gaga and Pitbull on Dance Central. Most popular initial reaction: "wow."


Apple TV, $99
Enjoy content how and when you want it. Access to Netflix, podcasts, movies and TV shows. Or stream your photos and music directly to your TV creating your own mini entertainment hub. A low-risk holiday gifting option.

Air Play (Apple feature on iPad/iPhone/iTouch)
Stream movies and photos right from your iPhone4, iPad or computer directly to your TV or Air Play compatible speakers.


Samsung Galaxy Tab
$399 w/ 2 year contract - Sprint
$599 no contract - Verizon

Better known as the best competition to the iPad, the Galaxy Tab has a 7" touchscreen display, expandable memory, a front facing and rear facing camera with videoconferencing capabilities and a fast processor. A small tablet that also doubles as a gargantuan phone.

E-reader "Tablet"

NOOKColor, $249.00
Barnes & Noble/

Why stick with a newsprint-style black and white display when you can read in color? The NOOKColor has a 7" touchscreen and over two million books available, including digital picture books for the kids, color periodicals, magazines and newspapers, a full browser, games and apps. Think of it as a hybrid between a tablet and a basic e-reader. With eight hours of read time and a light weight of 15.8 ounces, it's a necessity for book enthusiast, commuter or frequent traveler. Other cool features allow you to instantly lend books to friends, share excerpts and post recommendations on Facebook.

Video Camera

Flip Camcorder (custom design)
$149, 4GB
Find it here:

The best mini camcorder on the market and the easiest to use. Shoot up to one hr of HD video. Even if you're not tech savvy only a few buttons to record and playback. The best part is you can choose from thousands of designs or upload your own photo to personalize your device. The perfect thoughtful gift.

iHome Speakers, $49.99 (iHM79RC)

Find it here:

Colors available: white, black, red, purple
Stylish - yet they pack a powerful punch! The iHome speakers are a unique way to add a splash of color to your entertainment package. Plug them into your laptop, tablet, cell phone or mp3 player. They also travel great by collapsing and attaching magnetically to each other to fit into the included case.

Logtitech Revue with Google TV, $299.95 (Add-ons available)

Available at Best Buy. The world of set top boxes can be confusing. Roku, Tivo, Apple TV, etc. But Google TV is the only option that seamlessly brings TV and the web together. Want to watch your favorite show and simultaneously stalk the star of that show on Twitter? Now you can. It even has picture-in-picture with no need to switch the input. Access Netflix, Pandora, apps and more. Soon you'll even be able to bring in the Android marketplace. Purchase it with a Logitech webcam and enjoy HD video chat right in the living room. Perfect for the techie or early adopter.

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