"Glee" effect makes high school choir cool

Chris Colfer, left, and Heather Morris of FOX's "Glee" perform at The Gibson Amphitheater on May 20, 2010, in Universal City, Calif.
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I'll admit it, I'm a "Gleek." For those of you who don't watch the show "Glee" that would be a Glee-geek (clever...huh?)

Sure the show can be sappy, but that's often the point. It is just fun.

However, seeing some real show choirs (singing and dancing students) was even more entertaining.

In our piece for Tuesday's "CBS Evening News, we profile the students at John Burroughs High School in Burbank, Calif.

These kids are seriously good. In fact, when the creators of "Glee" were researching their show before it went on the air, they used the show choir at John Burroughs for inspiration.

I was really impressed by how hard the kids in the choir work. It is at least 2 hours a day and sometimes on Saturdays.

@katiecouric: "Glee's" Jane Lynch

We often respect athletes for their commitment, but these kids deserve it too. The great thing about the TV show is that it has made singing in the show choir cool (well at least kind of cool).

The John Burroughs group just got back from Hong Kong where they were hired to sing in Chinese New Year. They have also been on Oprah. Not bad.

Tune in this week to see them in action!

Ben Tracy is a CBS News correspondent based in Los Angeles.
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