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Gmail Search Autocomplete Simplifies Inbox Searching

Search Autocomplete is a new Gmail Labs feature that brings Google's renowned suggestive-search capabilities to your Gmail inbox.

For example, want to find all messages from a particular client? Just type the first few letters of his or her e-mail address in the Search field. Immediately you'll see matching results; click the right one to immediately filter your inbox accordingly.

The new feature also simplifies "operator" searches. For example, to run a document search, type "doc" and then click has documents. Search Autocomplete will immediately paste in the full operator for said search: filename:(pdf OR doc OR xls OR ppt) OR OR Then you just type your actual search parameters and you're off to the races.

To enable this nifty option, click Settings, then Labs, and then scroll down until you find Search Autocomplete. Enable it and then click Save Changes.

Good stuff, Google! Keep the Gmail goodies coming.

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