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Google Fires Leaker, Report Says

Google has fired the worker who leaked word that it's handing out $1,000 holiday bonuses and companywide raises of at least 10 percent, according to a report in

The worker leaked the news to, among others, .

CNNMoney says several sources tell it that, within hours, Google informed staffers it had dismissed the leaker, who wasn't identified. CNNMoney says Google wouldn't comment on the leak or the firing.

Five Reasons Google Raises Are Waste of Money

The Business Insider report cited a "loyal reader," and added that Google was even paying the taxes on the bonuses, so employees could keep the entire amount.

The bonuses will cost Google $20 million and the raises, $20 billion, Business Insider estimated.

The Google bonuses and raises were seen by observers as an effort to stem worker defections -- part of an apparent Silicon Valley-wide trend of top minds jumping ship for greener pastures in other tech companies.

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