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GOP Gongs Clinton For Golfing

Republican Party Chairman Jim Nicholson has blasted President Clinton for playing a round of golf on Monday, reports CBS News White House Correspondent Mark Knoller.

In a written statement, Nicholson said that at a time when U.S. forces are involved in a life-and-death mission in Yugoslavia, "it sends such a bad signal" for the president to be taking Monday afternoon off for a game of golf.

Mr. Clinton took advantage of springtime weather to get in a round of golf at the Army-Navy Country Club in suburban Virginia.

Nicholson was similarly critical of Vice President Al Gore for heading out to raise funds for his presidential campaign while the NATO air strikes are under way.

"Is it really too much to expect them to devote 100 percent of their energies to winning the struggle to which they have committed the nation?" Nicholson said.

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