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Grandma's Ashes Mistakenly Sold at Yard Sale

Grandma Marge's ashes weren't for sale, but a bargain hunter in Florida walked away with them anyway.

A touch of Grandma Marge was put in a potted violet, her favorite plant, after her death. The plant was accidentally sold at a weekend yard sale in the town of Fort Walton Beach.

Northwest Florida Daily News reports that Piper Gaffrey had stepped away from the yard sale when her husband sold the violet for an undisclosed amount, not realizing some of Marjorie Potts Gaffrey was in the soil.

Piper Gaffrey scattered some of her 99-year-old grandmother in the violet when she died in February.

When she discovered it had been sold, she pleaded on Facebook for the buyer to take care of it, updating her status to read:

"Dear Garage Sale People.........who ever got the violet....that was my grandma....she meant the world to me...whoever got her....please take care of her! She lived to be 99 and made the world a better place.......Love you Marge! I miss you, you will always be apart of me!"

Fortunately, the plant was bought by someone she knew. It was returned and is thriving in Gaffrey's new home.

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