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Gregg Brett: Making Sense of Meetings

Gregg Brett is the CEO of MeetingSense, a venture-backed software company focused on increasing meeting productivity through its web based and outlook integrated solution. With up to 10 hours a week spent in unproductive meetings, Gregg claims his solution could save users thousands of dollars every year by allowing them to efficiently track and manage the life-cycle of meeting information.

Time Saved Makes Perfect Sense According to Brett, president and co-founder of MeetingSense, "Most of our users report an average of eight meetings per day, and for each of those meetings, an average of 15 minutes, post-meeting, is spent cleaning up that meeting's notes." This amounts to a significant amount of time wasted on activities that are highly unproductive. To any manager, the thought of all this underutilized time is both alarming and painful. Gregg Brett and his partner Hannon launched their first product in 2006. Since then they've improved their model to a 3.0 version, which is a subscription-based solution priced at $19.99/month or $216/year if users prepay.

"The tool allows for action item management, a real-time shared meeting information repository with instant online access, wiki team collaboration with automated usage audit trails, free action item management, as well as full text search of all meeting information and action items"
MeetingSense decreases the IT burden and storage load of meetings. Though there are arguably a large number of competitors in this field, MeetingSense differentiates itself because it is specifically designed to increase ROI, decrease ownership costs, lower usage barriers and secure data privacy. It increases team productivity like no other site on the market. The striking thing about this company, which allows it to be so succesful, is that it focuses on customer service and on serving specific customer needs.

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