Growing up Emanuel: Three wildly successful brothers

Ezekiel Emanuel discusses his new book "Brother's Emanuel."

(CBS News) Three brothers who grew up outside Chicago would never have guessed that they all would have ended up at the top of their respective fields. In fact, one became a doctor, one a Hollywood executive and the third a major political player.

Just who are these brothers?

They are the Emanuel brothers. Ezekiel is an adviser of policy in the Obama administration and a professor, Rahm is the current mayor of Chicago and President Obama's former White House chief of staff, and the youngest brother, Ari, is a Hollywood super agent, who was the inspiration for the character Ari Gold in the television series "Entourage."

The book "Brothers Emanuel" is the account of the three boys and their life growing up in Chicago in the 1960s and 1970s. The book's author, Ezekiel, the oldest of the clan, explained on "CBS This Morning: Saturday" that their mother was a huge influence on how the boys moved forward in their careers.

"My mom was dedicated to the civil rights movement in the early '60s and the anti-war movement, and I think one lesson she had for us was to figure out what the right thing was to do, to do what feels right, don't follow fads, and to stick to your guns," he said.

Emanuel also said that everyone thought of the boys as "average" and that he was "no walking encyclopedia." He said it was similar for his brothers, as Rahm was in the middle, and Ari was a great athlete, but neither was a superstar.

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Don't expect a quiet dinner at home for this family, and especially if they like you. For the Emanuel boys, one of the highest forms of flattery is to match you in an argument. "Engaging with someone is a real sign of respect," Emanuel said.