Happy ending for raccoon stuck atop light pole

Raccoon stuck at the top of a pole
The raccoon stuck at the top of the 25- to 30-foot pole in a Kansas, City, Mo., neighborhood.

(CBS News)A raccoon found itself in a sticky situation Tuesday, precariously stuck atop a tall light pole in a Kansas City, Mo. neighborhood.

The raccoon was stuck for hours, CBS News affiliate KCTV reports, drawing concern from residents there who left food and water for the animal.

No one knows for certain how the raccoon got to the top of the 25 to 30-foot tall pole, but it eventually found its way down when a construction worker arrived on the scene to perform regular maintenance on the pole.

A resident captured video of the worker poking the animal with a pole, and then the spooked raccoon leaping from its perch and falling to the ground. The raccoon survived the fall, leaping up and away from the pole.

Witness Dana Reigel, who lives near the pole and caught the rescue on video, told KCTV, "I was relieved when she bounced up, hopped from the scene and jumped a few fences as she ran to safety."

Watch the KCTV report on the raccoon in the video below.