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Henry Blodget Interviews Nemesis Spitzer

It isn't just politics that makes strange bedfellows; journalism accomplishes the same task.

Witness an interview on Yahoo's Tech Ticker site, where former stock guru Henry Blodget interviews former Gov. (and former New York Attorney General) Eliot Spitzer, the man whose investigation ultimately led to Blodget being fined millions and barred from working in the securities industry.

Blodget, who now works as a news anchor for Tech Ticker, was one of the most influential men on Wall Street in the years leading up to 2003. When Blodget famously predicted that little-known would rise to $400 a share, the stock did just that, mainly on Blodget's recommendation.

In 2002, Blodget became a target of then-NY Attorney General Spitzer, who published e-mails in which Blodget gave negative assessments about stocks which he was publicly touting.

Spitzer's investigation ultimately lead to ten of Wall Street's biggest brokerages being fined $1.4 billion for ripping off untold numbers of investors by feeding them misleading stock research in an attempt to drum up business.

In 2003, Blodget was charged with civil securities fraud by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. He settled without admitting or denying the allegations and was fined $4 million. He was subsequently barred from the securities industry for life.

Flash forward six years, past Spitzer's own fall from grace, and the two men are seen laughing and joking.

Blodget cheerfully greets Spitzer: "Welcome. Our guest today is the former governor of New York and the man who destroyed my Wall Street career …"

The topic at hand? Who killed Wall Street?

The answer? Everyone.

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