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High Tech Alcohol Education for College Students

That first hand experience doesn't teach college students all they need to know. That's where a CD ROM called Alcohol 101 comes in. (sound) It was developed at the University of Illinois with funding from the Century Council, where Lawrence Lokman says...

"Alcohol 101 takes students to a virtual party and in that party they can click on characters who take them into stories dealing with the consequences of alcohol misuse and excessive drinking. For example, regretted sex situations or in some cases, alcohol overdose. It's like a flight simulator for the party scene."
(sound) It is entertaining the style of the popular You Don't Know Jack series of computer games.

"There's even a virtual bar where based on their weight and gender, they can drink and learn the blood alcohol content that they would have after drinking a certain amount of alcohol and what those effects would be."

The program is available to all colleges for free. The council, at may make it available to other organizations and educators early next year.

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