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Hillary Writes Off $13 Million Campaign Loan

Hillary Clinton has found a simple way to get rid of her campaign debt: Write it off.

Federal Election Commission filings reveal that the former presidential candidate has written off $13,175,000 in money that she loaned to her own campaign, as the New York Times notes. Clinton still has about $6.4 million in debt as of the end of November.

Barack Obama's choice to become secretary of state has reason to try to retire the remaining debt – all but $1.1 million of which is owed to former strategist Mark Penn – relatively quickly. If and when she becomes a federal employee, Clinton will be legally barred from soliciting donations to retire the debt, though her presidential campaign committee could continue to do so.

That would mean the heavy lifting to solicit funds would be left to people like Clinton's mother Dorothy Rodham, who the Times notes sent an email asking for donations a few weeks back, and "Ugly Betty" star America Ferrera, who recently appeared at a Clinton fundraiser in New York.

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