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Holiday Movies Worth Watching

"Harry Potter" may have set some box office records this weekend, but Hollywood's holiday movie season officially kicks off tomorrow.

So what's worth watching this holiday season?

Dalton Ross, assistant managing editor of Entertainment Weekly magazine, shared a preview of some of the most anticipated films opening before the end of the year and offered his take on what will stand out from the crowded field of movies.

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"Tangled" (Opens Nov. 24)
If you're looking for a family film over the Thanksgiving holidays, and maybe something a little lighter than "Harry Potter," then "Tangled" is your best bet. Rapunzel becomes the latest princess to get the Disney treatment, but it comes from some of the minds behind Pixar, so you can expect a little more of that irreverent Pixar vibe to it.

"Black Swan" (Opens Dec. 3)
Who knew ballet could be so freaky and disturbing? Natalie Portman plays a dancer who suffers a nervous breakdown while preparing to dance the lead in "Swan Lake." It's edgy, trippy, and disturbing, and you can expect lots of award nominations for this one.

"The Tourist" (Opens Dec. 10)
This big budget Hollywood remake of a 2005 French film called "Anthony Zimmer" features the first-ever pairing of Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. He's a Midwestern math teacher who thinks he's met a beautiful woman while vacationing in Venice, but he's actually been used as a pawn in a game of mistaken identity, and next thing you know, everyone's out to get him. It's a thriller with lots of twists and turns.

"The Fighter" (Opens Dec. 10)
Mark Wahlberg plays a boxer waiting for a chance at the title, while Christian Bale plays his troubled half-brother/trainer. It's a classic underdog story of an athlete having to overcome odds both in and outside the ring. If you like "Rocky," then this is right up your alley.

"The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" (Opens Dec. 10)
The third book in C.S. Lewis's "Narnia" series gets the big-screen treatment as Lucy and Edmund travel back to Narnia and are reunited with Prince Caspian. The first movie was a big hit, the second one not so much, so we'll see what kind of staying power this one has, but if swords, ships, and talking animals are your thing, then this is a good pick.

"TRON: Legacy" (Opens Dec. 17)
I am so ready to get my geek on with "TRON: Legacy." It is a 28-years-in the waiting sequel to the 1982 film in which Jeff Bridges got stuck in a virtual computer world. In the new film, Bridges' on-screen son follows him into that virtual world. But plot really isn't the key here. The original "Tron" was groundbreaking with its unique look and special effects, and I am very curious to see how they are going to recreate that world in 2010.

"Little Fockers" (Opens Dec. 22)
The third installment in the "Meet the Parents" franchise is going to be the big comedy for Christmas. Everyone's back together: Ben Stiller, Robert DeNiro, Barbara Streisand, and even Dustin Hoffman, who was not originally in the film, but was added in for some last-minute reshoots. It's certainly not breaking any new ground, but if you like watching DeNiro and Stiller go at it -- and lots of people certainly do -- then "Little Fockers" can go a long way.

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