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Holly Hunter Turns Herself Loose

Holly Hunter, who is currently performing on Broadway in Beth Henley's latest play, The Impossible Marriage, also is the star of a new film, Living Out Loud.

As the movie opens, Hunter's character is dumped by her cad of a husband. "She really turns herself loose, without any judgment," Hunter tells CBS This Morning Co-Anchor Mark McEwen. "She doesn't censor any of her desiresÂ… Her fantasy life is something that the audience gets acquainted with. It's an intimate portrait of a woman."

Living Out Loud also stars Danny DeVito, who draws high praise from Hunter. "What you see is what you get," she says of DeVito. "I mean that in the greatest sense. Danny really is able to bring himself to the screen. Some people are completely unable to do that. I think that, in the role, we get to see more of Danny than we ever have before, in any of his other films that I can think of."

DeVito plays "this incredibly lonely, struggling personÂ…beautifully brought to life by Danny."

As for herself, Hunter, 40, says she particularly connected with the characters she played in Raising Arizona (1987), Broadcast News (1987), The Piano (1993), and The Firm (1993). Joel and Ethan Coen are said to have written Raising Arizona specifically with her in mind.

She won an Academy Award for her performance as a mute woman in The Piano, which was gratifying to her, but not for the reasons one might expect.

"I'm very happy it was that movie, because that movie from beginning to end, was a spectacular experience in my life," the actress tells McEwen. "So I felt lucky that it also got rewarded."

She also mentions The Positively True Adventures of the Alleged Texas Cheerleader-Murdering Mom, a movie she made for HBO in 1993, because the character she played "scarily enough, was the most effortless, because she was such an extremist. There were a lot of things to hook into with her, because she was so far out there." Her performance in Roe vs. Wade, another movie made for TV, brought her an Emmy Award.

Hunter was reared on a cattle farm in Georgia, the youngest of seven children. She says she joined her high school drama club because it seemed like fun. But it didn't take long before she realized that she loved acting.

The actress made her Broadway debut in 1981 just a year after graduating from Carnegie-Mellon University, in Henley's prize-winning Crimes of the Heart. That was soon followed by another Henley play, The Wake of Jamey Foster.

Her current Broadway vehicle, Impossible Marriage, marks her seventh collaboration with playwright Henley. She plays the eccentric Floral Whitman, a pregnant woman concerned about the upcoming wedding of her younger sister, Pandora, to a much oldr man.

Hunter is married to cinematographer Janusz Kaminski, who won an Academy Award for his work on Schindler's List (1993). He also was the cinematographer for Saving Private Ryan (1998).

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