Homeowner fights off 3 alleged home invaders


(CBS News/KENS) San Antonio homeowner Mike Jaime was recently caught on surveillance tape in his underwear fighting off a trio of alleged home invaders.

It all started in his bedroom when Jaime says he woke up with a start and quite a sight: a burglar holding his television.

Jaime told CBS San Antonio affiliate KENS, "(I thought), 'Am I really seeing this?' I was like, 'Hey, man!'"

Jaime says he chased the man from his home with his grandfather's Bowie knife.

The thief, Jaime says, made off in a getaway car with a woman behind the wheel. But as they drove off, Jaime noticed another suspect coming out from behind his house. Jaime tackled the man and pinned him to the ground while waiting for police. But instead, the other two thieves returned to the scene to help their friend escape Jaime's choke hold.

In the end, the trio got away empty-handed, but were arrested later by law enforcement. Preston Slunder, Marissa Tolentino and Frank Davila II are all charged with burglary.

As for Jaime, he says he's not a hero, just a father, husband, and homeowner who just had enough. He told KENS, "Just having to feel that, it's terrible, it's an ugly situation I don't think anybody should have to go through."

To watch the full KENS report, watch the video in the player above.