Hope Meadows

An Unusual Neighborhood

Seven years ago, Brandon Laws and Irene Bohn had nothing in common.

Brandon had been physically abused in foster care, where he'd been placed after his mother was deemed unfit. "I was stubborn," he says, "and I didn't like to get along with other people."

Irene had her own woes. At age 70, the retired schoolteacher was alone, struggling to adjust to life after the death of her husband.

Both found new lives – and one another - in a remarkable place called Hope Meadows. Created as a community to save discarded kids, Hope Meadows also managed to give new lives to some elderly people who were feeling discarded as well.

At Hope Meadows, which has the look and feel of a 1950s suburb, parents are raising other people's kids, grandparents are paid volunteers and the children, like Brandon, are the ones that no one wanted.

There, Brandon found an entirely new family. Single mother Jeanette Laws took him in, along with his sister and two other foster kids, and Irene Bohn became his grandmother.

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