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Hornsby: Back To The Piano

Pianist, singer, and songwriter Bruce Hornsby recently came out with his sixth album, a two-disc set titled The Spirit Trail.

Hornsby, 40, tells CBS This Morning Co-Anchor Mark McEwen that his new album represents a recommitment to his piano playing.

"Virtuosity in music has always been something that's important to me," says Hornsby. "It's not really generally an issue in popular music. It's not what it is about. But, for me, I have always been interested in playing my instrument really well."

Besides performing his own music, Hornsby toured on and off for years with the Grateful Dead. Over the summer, he joined some former Dead members as part of a band called The Other Ones (which is to release an album early next year).

"We had a truly wonderful tour," says Hornsby. "It was a great time. The Deadheads came back, and it was very special. I hope we do it again. My time previously with the Dead, I played about 100 shows with them in the early '90s, and I think it kind of opened me up."

Another thing that opened Hornsby up was turning 40, a milestone that actually helped his music.

"I really took my playing to a new level. so turning 40 had a big effect on me," Hornsby explains. "It was a red-letter day, where I said, 'Okay. I'm gonna take this to the next place'."

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